Toolswiss Poultry Shears


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  • SOOO VERSATILE: These handy kitchen snips have so many uses, you’ll find yourself taking them out way more often than expected! They are the perfect tool for opening packages, chopping herbs, slicing peppers, prepping meat for stir fry, spatchcocking chicken, and so much more. It even works to slice pizza! You name it, these scissors can cut it.
  • STAINLESS STEEL BLADES: Ultra-sharp and ultra-durable, these kitchen shears are crafted from quality materials to ensure smooth and effortless cutting, every time. Three-inch stainless-steel blades allow for easy maneuverability and take the hassle out of your everyday cutting tasks. Quality construction resists rusting, pitting, corrosion, and other annoying stuff like that.
  • MICRO-SERRATIONS FOR EXTRA GRIP: With the small ripples to latch onto your food and prevent slipping, you can get smooth, clean cuts in seconds. Makes the amateur chef look professional, and the professional look, well… even more professional! Serrations work great to scale fish, too! Large, ergonomically designed handle works great for both right and left handed folks.
  • QUICK AND EASY: Need to cut up some ingredients for your favorite recipe? Whip out these handy kitchen shears, snip for a minute or two directly over your pot or your measuring cup, and then quickly rinse your scissors under running water or toss in the dishwasher. So much easier – and faster – than pulling out a knife and cutting board!
  • MULTIPLE TOOLS IN ONE: The hooked notch on the top of the blade is designed to easily open metal bottle caps - perfect for quickly popping open your favorite beer, and the serrations between the handles give you a steady grip for opening stubborn bottle caps or jar covers. Works as a nutcracker, too. It’s so much more than just a simple scissors!