Egyptian Towel - Hand towel, Ebony


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Daniadown's 100% Egyptian cotton towels incredible soft and absorbent. Utilizing Egyptian cotton, with its unique long staple fibre, makes our towels strong, durable and extra soft. Unlike many towels on the market there is no need for chemical treatments to add softness that wash off over time.

The superior nature of Egyptian cotton fibre makes it extra absorbent, helping you dry faster, feeling instantly clean and refreshed after your shower or bath. We also selected a loop pile and weaving construction that minimizes band shrinkage, keeping your towels in shape for a longer life. The impressive absorbency of Egyptian cotton also means that it also absorbs colour thoroughly during the dyeing process ensuring that your towels will stay brighter longer.

Lastly our fashion director has chosen a colour range that is ahead of trend so you can be confident that these towels will add style to your home.

Bath Sheet 34 x 65”

Bath Towel 27 x 55”

Hand Towel 17 x 26”

Face Cloth 13 x 13”


Product Care

Daniadown’s Egyptian towels are machine washable at 40C and we recommend line drying, with a short, warm tumble drying cycle at the end to keep them soft and fluffy.

If you catch the towel and pull the pile, snip off the pulled loop with a pair of scissors. Our towels are woven, not knitted, so they won't fray.