Zwilling Four Star Chef's Knife 8"


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The chef's knife from the FOUR STAR® range is a tool for a multitude of kitchen tasks. It's ideal for preparing fish, meat, poultry or vegetarian recipes and will cut effortlessly through all the ingredients. Its 20 cm blade makes it especially suited to preparing larger sized ingredients such as finely cutting up big pieces of meat or chopping up larger vegetables. The blade is broad and sturdy with a rigidity to efficiently convey pressure into cutting force. A specially developed steel that is rust-free and robust gives the knife its outstanding features. An ice-hardened finish further enhances the material to enable a precision cutting edge for sharpness. Cutting up ingredients is then especially easy with the chef's knife from ZWILLING. The handle is ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in the hand and make light of even difficult tasks. An edgeless transition from handle to bolster also improves usage. A seamless and solid plastic handle looks attractive and is durable to give many years of usage. Use the chef's knife from ZWILLING to conjure up your kitchen creations.

  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Substance: Special Formula Steel
  • Type of handle: exposed tang
  • Type of edge: Fine Edge
  • Edge finishing: V-edge
  • Manufacturing method: forged
  • Blade hardness (HRC): 55-58 HRC
  • Net weight: 0.308 kg / 0.31 kg
  • Blade length: 20 cm / 20.00 cm
  • Handle length: 12.9 cm / 12.90 cm